Gazans are singing to the sea

الأربعاء | 28-09-2016 - 03:37 مساءً

According to Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Action, the Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in June 2006 deliberately targeted the Gaza Power Plant, which initiated an on-going electricity crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Recurring blackouts that last 12-16 hours per day were common throughout the heavily populated areas of the Gaza Strip. This left most of the population with nothing to do, so people spent much of their time at the beach, singing and relaxing and trying to forget their problems.

Nahed Haddad, a woman from Gaza, came to the beach for these reasons. She said: “The electricity has been off for over three hours, and the weather is too hot to stay in. So we came to the beach to have fun and leave behind the boredom and darkness of the house.”


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