Sweden: The 6th Annual Malmö Arab Film Festival

الثلاثاء | 27-09-2016 - 02:16 مساءً

The 6th annual Malmo Arab Film Festival will take place in Malmo on September 30 to October 5, 2016. The festival will have thousands of cinema attendees from Malmö and the surrounding areas as well as many famous actors, directors, producers and film professionals. The festival will screen the most notable films from the Arab world.

During the 6 festival days, 120 feature films, documentaries and short films will be previewed/showcased.  The festival has the largest audience of all film festivals in southern Sweden. There will be many exhibitions, seminars, workshops, celebrations and close interactions between audiences and filmmakers. More than 100 invited international guests from all over the world visit the festival annually. The film program includes a competitive selection process for feature fiction films, documentaries and short films, as well as a wide range of panoramas, school cinema screenings and special nation focuses.

2016 will mark the second year for the festival’s film industry initiative MAFF Market Forum (MMF) – the world’s first industry platform for co-production and collaboration between the Arab world and Scandinavia. The MMF will be held between October 1st to 3rd in parallel to the festival. The MMF will be a unique platform that aims to create a close collaboration between the Arab and Scandinavian film industry. The main focus of the MMF will be seeking to create connections/partnerships and co-productions, and cooperation opportunities between Scandinavia and the Arab world.

The festival since its inception in 2011 has created an intercultural platform for Arab cinema in Sweden and Northern Europe. The festival is widely regarded as one of the most influential and largest festivals with a focus on Arabic cinema. Additionally, it offers a platform for close collaboration between the Nordic and Arab film industries. MAFF is the largest festival with an Arabic cinema focus outside of the Arab world.


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